This year, our STEM Implementation Trainings changed slightly to allow for an ongoing cohort of participants to build on the content and experiences of previous meetings.  This year we are focusing on Project Based Learning (PBL) and STEM! In the total of the year, we will have six meetings and two coaching and observation site visits per participant. Cohort participants were required to apply to participate in this project; we have representatives from seven districts and nine programs actively engaged in these sessions. We have practiced the engaging strategy of SOLE (Self Organized Learning Environments), discussed the importance of the 4C’s and shared debriefing and reflecting strategies to name a few. The participants will be able to take some resources back to their sites after our next meeting to try PBL for themselves at their sites! We look forward to see the outcomes of this project, working with a dedicated group of individuals building their own professional capacity. This project is a partnership between TGR Learning Lab, Lakeshore Learning and the Orange County STEM Hub.