New California Standards
Communications Toolkit for Parents and Students

Celia Jaffe

Orange County Parent

Kevin Yoon

Orange County Student

This Toolkit has been customized to help Orange County parents and students easily and effectively communicate the benefits of the new California Standards, also referred to as the Common Core Standards. The toolkits and their accompanying materials are available in English and Spanish.

How to use it

This toolkit is filled with videos, key messages, talking points, handouts, newsletter items and social media messages, along with other tools, to help you spread the word about the advantages of higher standards for our children, their futures and our communities. The resources and materials included here can be adapted and catered to based on your need. Just download the resources and materials below.


What is Common Core?

Common Core represents higher standards that help students become critical thinkers ready for college and career, putting them on a path to prosperity in Orange County’s bright economic future. You can watch and share the video.

Fact Sheet

Common Core provides clear standards for grade levels and across schools. Use the Fact Sheet as a handout or to help develop talking points.

Key Messages

Use these key messages to help explain the benefits of Common Core to other parents and community members. You can use them in Social Media, Newsletters, Talking Points, and Conversation Starters.

Tips to Start the Conversation

Whether you like to talk, write or go digital, use these steps that will help you communicate the benefits of Common Core standards. Use the 6 conversation starters for ideas to develop your communications

PowerPoint Presentation

Use the PowerPoint Presentation for your next parent meeting. There are note included for the slides. You can modify the slides by adding your own logo and colors.

Newsletter / Website

Publish these brief articles in your school, business, church, or district’s newsletter or websites to help inform parents, friends, and colleagues.


Post as “refrigerator art” or use as a handout at parent meetings. You can also have a professional printer enlarge it for posting at a meeting.

Letter to the Editor

These sample letters will get you started in sending a letter to your local newspaper. Either fill in the blanks and email it to your local newspaper or create your own.

Facebook Posts

Use your personal or parent-sponsored Facebook pages. You can also add links to the videos on this page.

Tweet Sheet

Use your personal or parent-sponsored Twitter account. Use these posts to get you started. You can also add links to the videos on this page.