Creating a Culture of Inquiry Around STEM Education

The first session of the new 2017 year took place on Thursday, January 12 at the Orange County Department of Education,  where teams reunited around the topic of Creating & Sustaining a Culture of Inquiry Around STEM Education Across Our Ecosystem.

OC STEM welcomed guest speaker Edgar Montes, Director within the Instructional Services division for the Orange County Department of Education. Edgar spent the morning reviewing and explaining the Local Control and Accountability Plan, including new changes and what to expect from this district planning tool. He demonstrated how the LCAP is important to our district teams, and how it can be used for their benefit. The new changes and adaptations help provide more streamlined information and clear communication of goals, actions, services and much more.

With the help of Eddie Tabata, Executive Director from Science@OC, teams spent the rest of the day brainstorming ways to start their own sustainability plan aimed at keeping their ecosystem growing and thriving. Teams reflected on ways to build support for their ecosystem, who and what organizations should be engaged in their conversations, why their work is relevant and important, and so much more. We want to encourage Cohort 2 teams to take specific actions in implementing the vision they have created for their ecosystem.

There are only 3 months left with sessions taking place February 9, March 9, and final commencement May 8. Stay tuned as Cohort 2 continues their ecosystem journey!