Teams gathered for their last Ecosystem Institute session of the 2017 year! The main focus of this day was Instructional Practices & Teacher Qualifications. Teams had the chance to attend various workshops that demonstrated instructional practices and strategies for teaching. All workshops were circuit-based and adapted to 5 main learning levels:

  • High School – Room 207 (Marvin Maldonado – UCI)
    • Circuits with GPIO – Raspberry Pi
  • Middle School – Room 206 (Kristin Roher – UCI)
    • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) – Design and build a LED display to explore circuits & the mathematical relationships between voltage, resistance and current (Ohm’s Law)
  • Elementary – Patio (Holly Dennard – TGR Learning Lab)
    • UV Mission: Have you ever wondered how astronauts protect themselves from harmful UV light? See how students can connect globally as Citizen Scientist and participate in research on UV Light. Participants will engage in three activities. 1-What type of material would provide the best UV protection? Cotton, polyester, aluminum foil or plastic. 2- What type of transparent material would be best to use for astronauts visor. 3- During spacewalks astronauts need additional UV protection. What type of liquid coating could be used?
      Instructional Practices: inquiry based instruction, hands-on exploration, real world applications
  • Out of School – Room 203 (Suzanne Hill – OCDE)
    • Basic Circuits – Hands-on introduction to electronics concepts. Build series and parallel circuits using Snap Circuits & Little Bits
  • Early Learning – Room 202 (Lynda Durand – Anaheim Elementary School District)
    • Basic Circuits – Create circuits and explore electronics using Squishy Circuits

Thank you to our workshop presenters for a great session on circuits!